Yoga is a beautiful journey.

I started learning yoga in Mysore, India.

At first, it was just a story of physical flexibility and strengthening.

Little by little, I discovered the spiritual path to which yoga was leading me. Today, I live yoga. It is a way of life that binds body, mind and energy. It is a practice that allows me to grow every day.

I teach from an experience based practice and my main objective is to help you finding the keys to live yoga and draw your own yogic path by sharing my knowledge.

I'm a mobile yoga teacher and decided to teach in really small groups (up to 4 person) to be able to adapt the class to your needs and wishes. 

Pricing :

For 1 to 2 person, $70 for 1h15.

For 3 to 4 person, $100 for 1h15.

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