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IBS, chronic pain, discomfort in the abdominal region can be causing a lot of stress, affecting our emotions. Maybe you feel disconnected from this amazing part of your body and might not know where to start to heal it and feel better and balanced. 

The visceral massage is a technique based on gentle touches to manipulate and relax your internal organs (stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder, ...) to allow them to work more efficiently.

A gentle massage in this region will have an effect on the fascias and re-energised your internal organs to help you release  your negative emotions and stress. It will help you reconnect with your abdomen and feel this unity of Body and Mind. 

The massages are designed for your needs. 


I also practice Chi Nei Tsang which is a deeper massage technique. Its origin comes from an ancient Chinese Taoist technic and means "working the energy of the internal organs".

Visceral massage - 50 minutes - $90.

Visceral Massage Intro - 3 sessions of 50 minutes - $230
Reiki and visceral massage - 90 minutes - $150

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