Margaux has found out the origin of my tummy pain, bloating and general feeling of discomfort in my whole body. With her visceral massages, energetic healing and accurate care, I've seen my health increasing remarkably and found again a healthy connexion with my tummy. I come to see her regularly and I've improved a lot my relationship to food and how I deal with and feel my own body. It's a long journey where strong knowledge, listening and support make a big difference and Margaux made it all. I couldn't recommend her extremely gentle approach enough. You will be in good and golden hands. 


With love.

Me and my body xx

A wonderful, nurturing, restorative session that really helped me through a very painful injury. Margaux is an extremely intuitive practitioner and really does use her healing hands to help any situation you turn up with.


Forever thoughtful and open to discussion with my gut health post surgery. My body improved steadily after every visit. Thanks so much.