Reiki is a simple and effective method of well-being, health, relaxation, regeneration and revitalization, practiced by touching and laying on of hands, for oneself and for others. It is a traditional method in Japan, where it is taught by many different schools.

The practitioner acts as an intermediary, transmitter, between the Reiki energy and the one to which it must be transmitted - it can also be directed towards an animal, a plant, an object or a situation - and this energy flows wherever a need arises.

The influx of this energy seems to strengthen, regulate, revitalize and harmonize the one who receives it at the same time as it allows all tensions to relax, inducing a deep relaxation for the client but also for the practitioner.

Releasing energy blockages, Reiki also helps to resolve internal conflicts and dissolve accumulated stress, while strengthening the client's positioning facing events in his life.

Reiki energy also stimulates self healing forces and can then optimize the effectiveness of any treatment (not a substitute for it).

45 minutes Reiki - $80

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