Welcome to Oya. 

My name is Margaux (pronounced Margo) and I offer coaching programs in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

I'm trained as a "fisioterapeuta" in Spain and worked several years as a "Masseuse-Kinesithérapeute" in France. I dedicated my path to a global approach, growing everyday with my experiences with people. 


The connection between body, mind and energy has been part of my life for years.

I decided to evolve in this domain, working on my Being with the help of various approaches such as Reiki, Psycho-AnthropologyEnergetic Healing, Yoga, Psycho Neuro Immunology (PNIE) and Physiological Chains.

I decided to create a coaching practice, where I'll be able to use and combine all my knowledge to provide you the best support.

My main purpose is to empower people. I want you to reconnect with your own body. I believe this is the best way to achieve natural recovery with long term benefits.

Oya means the strength of the Origin, where everything comes from and everything returns.


"More passionate Mind, more sense of concern for other's well-being, is source of happiness."

Dalai Lama

Personal and professional experiences that have contributed to my growth:

  • Fisioterapia degree in Spain a beautiful experience in a foreign country, learning about the human body and how to heal it. I've met beautiful people and had amazing life teachers who helped me create the passionate therapist that I'm today.

  • Physiological Chains Busquet my first contact with a 'global approach' of the body as a healer and the absolute "love at the first sight" for visceral (abdominal) techniques that I'm still using today.

  • Working several years as a Masseur-Kinesitherapeute in different environments to learn more about the human body and psychology. I had amazing moments of connexions with patients and new life teachers. 

  • Working in my own center specialized in chronic pain and abdominal massage.

  • My amazing master in Psycho-Neuro-Imuno-Endocrinology, a life changing experience. One of the most fulfilling training in terms of knowledge giving me even more passion foreman's health.

  • My 2 experiences in India for my yoga teacher training courses. One of them was a month in silence, away from all distractions (except my own head!). Reflecting on myself, discovering more and more, going deeper and deeper through the layers of the ego. An unforgettable and challenging experience. 

  • Three years learning Psycho-anthropology. A beautiful teaching to discover more about the mind and conditioning. 

  • Wellcoaches course. Health coach and psychology of coaching.

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